Monday, May 21, 2012

Fluffy Pancakes - You Know You Waaaant Them

Goal - the fluffy pancake, like the huge stack you get at your favorite diner.
Mission - complete.

I believe it is a combination of buttermilk (acid) and the use of both baking soda and powder that helps to perk those puppies up.  Now dont quote me, I failed chemistry but whenever I have used all 3 together the result is what I am always after.

So this past weekend I was up. EAAAARLY.
The boys still snug in bed.
I might have made myself some pancakes (with chocolate chips no less).
That's right, I said I made them for myself!
You might say that's selfish, I say, you shouldn't sleep in :)

This recipe does make enough for 3 good sized pancakes for 3 people.  You could make them smaller for 4 and add some bacon and eggs 'n such but when we have them we only have them.  With a side of syrup.  Maybe a few slices of banana or strawberries.
I did save a few for them when they arose but they werent warm, the butter didnt melt over the top for them like it did for me (insert evil grin here)


I'm Listening to: Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soup, Me? Yes. Pigs Do Fly

Hell might have frozen over.
I made and ATE soup today.

I know right?  Betty Martha doesn't eat soup!
It started off well, then I got to the point where I didn't know if it was going to taste good.  I HAD to try a smidgen. (its just like gravy, its just like a sauce, its going to be good, please make it down my throat)  Man, where are my guinea pigs when I need them?!

Pretty bad gag reflexes on this gal so I was a bit concerned.  I mean, how do I serve soup to the others as I am making horrible noises in the kitchen??  Totally all in my head, I know.
Easing slowly into this was the key.  Coat the back of a spoon, smell it.  Yup, smells great!
Ok, now just stick your tongue out just a little....teeeeeny lick.
Dear god its in my mouth!
And I like it.
Wait, its good, stick the spoon in again.  Lip smacking.  Hey, this is really good!

I'm not reformed.  This is only the first go round so if you see me post more soups they HAVE to be good enough to make since I ate it.
Even Little Ugh, who inadvertently detests soup because of me enjoyed it, the Mr. BM loved it too! 
Oh, and don't tell them there was no cream in it!  Thickener?  Cannellini Beans :)

Here's what we ate:  Cauliflower, Leek and Cheddar


I'm Listening to:  Take it Easy - The Eagles

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Blackberry Sourdough Struesel Coffee Cake

So, I'm on this new adventure with my sourdough starter.
It started about a month ago.  I'd never had a starter before, but I've had my fair share of sourdough bread (carb freak) so I thought HEY why not!  Everyone else seemed to be doing it.
If my foodie friends jumped off a bridge however, I would take photos for them *from the ground*.

I got a simple starter recipe and placed it in a mason jar and waited my 7 days.
I dont know about you but waiting for something you already know about is torture!  I try to be patient in daily life but I'm not perfect and that is one trait I am constantly working on.  Funny story, I was so impatient that I was phoning people I knew who bake occassionally to see if they might have a starter (that I could take some from them) SEE not patient....

I made some breads, obviously.
But I wanted more.
There's got to be other things you can use this for right?
I started searching the Google.
Coffee cake?
Heck ya, why not?  People use sour cream in them right....similar maybe?

Ok, now to spruce it up a little...I had bought a can of blackberry pie filling (thats right Canadian friends, I said blackberry!) which I have NEVER seen in my parts.  Originally I was going to make tarts with it but hey, this seemed like a worthy cause.
I opted not to use a lot of it in fear that my lonely can would be wasted on an experiement.  I know now that it works and works well!  And I kick myself for only buying ONE can! 

The batter is thick, like a soft bread dough before adding the rest of your flour but dont fret it will turn out.
The end result was fabulous!  And I plan on making other variations of this in the near future!

I'm Listening to: Army of Me, Bjork

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Confession - No Longer a Virgin (of Chicken Salad)

Can I share with you that I was officially a chicken salad sandwich virgin until I made this meal.  I really have no idea what made me think of making it.  I always had this pre conceived notion that chicken salad sammies were gross.  You are probably shaking your head right now, maybe even your fists.  But listen, I have good reason.

Pretty sure my Nanny tried to make me eat one when I was a kid and I refused.
She had used chicken in a can.  Like tuna.  It just didn't seem right.
In fact, my nanny liked everything in a can, or a box.  She hated to cook, and it shined thru.
Worst.  Memory.  Ever - spam (can), a large tub of potato flakes (box) and creamed corn (can) dinner.
I shudder.

Actually, because of her (rest in peace) every time I am in a restaurant and I want mashed potatoes I am VERY inquisitive about the nature of their processes.  If the server even hesitates when I ask if they are REAL mashed potatoes I wont eat em and then black list that establishment.  She made me a food snob without even knowing it!

So what made me want to eat it now?
I have no idea.
Actually, maybe I was trying to abolish my fears and use up my leftover chicken in ways I normally wouldn't have. 
Fears gone, well, wait, I still fear eating it at someone elses house if they don't know how to cook.  That's beside the point, point here is if you like chicken salad sandwiches (or even if you think you don't) you really need to check this recipe out.
I used Greek yogurt and some bottled Greek dressing along with the usual Greek salad/chicken salad suspects and popped it into a pita.

I'm Listening to:  Blaze of Glory - Bon Jovi

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are We There Yet? Road Trippin

Shoot,  where do I start?
Mom, where are we?  How far are we now?  You just passed the rest stop, I had to go!
Can we eat, I'm hungry (that was more from the Mr.) How far are we now?  C'mon, who was that?Sorry, open your windows....yup, road trippin with boys.

We're HOME!  Thank GOODNESS!
Naaaa, in all seriousness our road trip to Florida from Toronto was pretty great, minus the lack of veggies in my diet while driving.
We ONLY stopped at fast food restaurants on the way there - we were trying to conserve time and sanity really.
The boys were in their glory with all the burgers/sliders/fries/pop they could find.  Me?  I missed my apples and bananas and salads (truth be told, I just missed my kitchen).  It didn't phase them a bit.

Here is a brief overview of our 2.5 days of driving:

Friday April 13th, midnight - Leave Toronto (so sleepy, cant sleep in the car)
Stop in Grove City - 5am - sleep for 4 hours (thank goodness for Microtel Hotels and the manager who gave us a discount since we were only there a few hours)
Get up, first stop, McDonald's breakfast - me, a bagel with egg and cheese, Little Ugh, pancake breakfast, Mr. BM a steak and egg breakfast sandwich??!!  We don't have THOSE in Canada!  (first sighting of things Canadians miss out on)
DRIVE, get gas and snacks
pretty sure we don't have this flavor in Toronto

DRIVE, go to the bathroom, get refreshments so that we can hear more "you just passed a rest stop!"
DRIVE, get gas, snacks, bathroom and drinks
Friday night 7pm - stop in Huntersville North Carolina, check in (favorite hotel on the trip, the Comfort Suites)
Stop in to Cook Out.  I was completely in awe of their value menu.... chicken anyone?

We all got burgers, personally I figured it was the safest food to eat on a road trip (I have a fear of needing to use the washroom NOW when driving)  Aside from the amazing prices (we all ate for under $15.00) I wasn't wowed.
But I do have to say the milkshakes were to DIE for.  Freshly hand made. Go check out their website, they have more than 30 flavors!
Little Ugh had a mint chocolate chip and I had a banana berry - each were LOADED and mine was chalk full of chunks of berries and bananas, I needed a spoon at the end to eat my fruit (YAY, FRUIT!)

Swim and a sleep to be rested for our trek to Atlanta (and Georgia`s largest flea market stop).
Saturday April 14th
Drive - stop into the flea market.  I don't know where you live but just outside Atlanta they sell roosters and chickens at theirs!
Ever see Friends? Joey and Chandler have a duck and a took everything to convince the Mr. that we cannot bring a rooster across the border!

Ok, back on the road to Atlanta.  The Mr and Little Ugh's home away from home.  They visit Falcon's training camp yearly in August so of course they had to stop and show me where the stay, eat, shop, take pictures, pee.  We stopped into Dick's and Sports Authority so that they could buy Falcon gear on the cheap.
Gas up, back on the road to Tifton where we spend the night.
We ate at Zaxby's.  Pretty impressed with this little fast food chain.  All things chicken.
I had a salad.  Yup, needed some veggies.
Sunday April 15th
ALRIGHT its check in day!
Get up, breakfast of champions - yogurt and oatmeal!  I like the hotels that provide you a free brekkie :)
Driving straight to St. Petersburg!  But first, a stop at a roadside welcome to Florida center to pick up a couple oranges - YAY fruit

Drive a teeeeeensy bit farther, itching to just get to our destination
Pull up to our rental house for the week around 3pm, pay the kid to unload the PACKED truck while we enjoy the views from our balcony.....

Let wedding week begin!
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