About Me

What can I tell you about me....

I'm a 30 something mother of one fantastic kid who loves his veggies.  You'll notice his alias (Little Ugh) throughout the blog because it happens to be his favorite word "UGHHHHHH".  It just seems fitting really.
My friends have nicknamed me Betty Martha because of my love of cooking, baking and crafting and it's stuck but my mom calls me Katrin.

I also have an amazing fiance, "Mr. Betty Martha" (who could also be referred to as Remote Hog, Atlanta Falcon Fanatic, Best Dad in the World - awwww... and other not so PG designations).

I love to cook and bake and have since I was a young girl.  My parents could always tell when I was upset or stressed out because I would be standing in the kitchen whipping up some cookies.  Strangely I have never been one to binge on my creations - good thing because as a teenage girl with strict parents I was usually upset about something!

Recently my focus has been to utilize the fresh produce/meats available to us and to avoid the dreadful frozen foods at most costs.  Each summer season you will see us at the farmers markets picking up our local fare.

This blog was started because I have had a number of wonderful friends and family members tell me I should share my wit and recipes with the world...you may disagree, although if you are reading this you like me, I know it!
It is also a great place to pen them out - napkins and sticky notes keep going missing!!

So, enough about me...makes me feel vain
Here's my reason for cooking:

If you like or even LOVE my blog I would be forever greatful if you would follow me in our adventures. 
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