Saturday, March 2, 2013

PB & Banana Stuffed French Toast

Ever want one thing and then 10 minutes later you decide you want something completely different even after gathering the necessary ingredients for said first thing, start prepping, pre heating and getting your kitchen dirty?
Please tell me that its not just me.

So I suppose you could say breakfast started this way today.
I was going to go french toast route.
Then I decided maybe I just wanted a banana smoothie (totally not filling enough)
Peanut butter sandwich?
In comes another idea.
French toast that incorporates peanut butter AND bananas.
Stuffed french toast.

Sure, why not right?
So I cut up the bananas (sneaking a few slices here and there)
Get my egg wash ready.
Slather the PB on the bread and arrange the slices, dip, dunk and fry.

I totally just wanted a smoothie.
I had half a slice because, well, I made it so I better make sure its edible before I pass it along to the sleeping boys in the house.
Shoulda just made a smoothie.  *not because it tasted gross, just because I really just wanted a smoothie*

Pretty sure I should have timed Little Ugh while eating. 
Pretty sure he didn't even take more than 3 breaths.
Almost positive he asked for seconds (I was prepping my smoothie when he dropped his plate on the counter)
Definitely was asked to make again.
Hopefully the next time my pregnancy food weirdness will subside slightly because it really was awesome.

Bet you'll like it!

I'm Listening to:  Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons
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