Monday, July 1, 2013

Sprouting! And I Don't Mean My Belly

Do you garden?
Herbs, veggies, fruit, flowers? 

Veggies and herbs I do well.  Its pretty easy to plant herbs in pots and lettuce and onions in my raised bed.  I even grew potatoes one year (albeit we only reaped about 4 spuds).   Watermelons still to this day wont grow for me so I give up on those.

I don't do flowers well - I plant them based upon my love of colors when really I should plant based on space requirements, sun vs. shade, varying heights etc.  I am terrible at it.  Although I do have a flower bed (actually 2) they seem to look like a forest.  Inside and out....bring flowers or plants into my house and they die, a slow painful death.
I am the grim reaper of indoor things.

I was offered an opportunity to use A. Vogel's BioSnacky Original Seed Sprouter and I was thrilled!
Do you know how long its been since I've had fresh alfalfa sprouts?!  We're talking probably about 5 years now.  There is nothing better than fresh sprouts on your egg salad sandwiches - TRUST ME!

Wait...I have to grow this indoors?  RUHR OH (in my best Scooby Doo voice)  Please don't let the grim reaper strike this time, I really want fresh sprouts!
The literature that accompanied my package professed it to be foolproof.  (Thanks to bioSnacky® germinators, growing sprouts and herbs at home is fun and easy)
We'll be the judge of that.

Little Ugh was skeptical of my venture too.
3 trays, some seeds, a little bit of water and set it on my counter (in my kitchen that barely has any natural sunlight). RIIIIIIGHHHHT.
He wouldn't let me take a photo of him making fun of me while I was setting everything in motion but just think of a 15 year old boy looking at his mom like she was going to build a Lego castle without directions.
I'm telling you, I kill indoor things, I know it, he knows it and now you do too.
Except I didn't kill anything.
It was THAT easy.
Dish, seed, water twice a day (I even forgot one day to water and it still worked out) and in less than a week we were eating fresh, juicy sprouts!!
PS  My Mr. had never had sprouts before - EVER and now he's hooked.   We put them on sandwiches, burgers, in salads - he even eats them right out of the fridge.

This little contraption is now my new best friend.
I wonder if I can put my aloe plant in there?

Here's a photo re-cap of our journey!

My swag - 
1 sprouter, seed selection pack, some seasonings, a little bag to keep everything neat and organized

The beginning:
Rinse the seeds in a fine mesh strainer and place in the different tiers.

Add some water twice a day....(this is really the one and only issue I seemed to have with this product - throughout the first few days some of the seeds liked to nestle into the red draining areas making the water stop flowing freely from one tray to the other - not a huge deal, started with tapping the container then moved to actually removing the cap to get the seeds out.  Certainly not a deal breaker for me)

Keep Going!

Its not long now!!

UGH apparently I deleted Day 4 but Day 5 was harvest day, it was popping out the top!!
We washed and wrapped in paper towel and tossed into a tupperwear for future eating pleasures.
Here's our first haul an deliciously crispy EGG SALAD SPROUT SAMMIE

Since we only sprouted alfalfa (because I was hesitant to kill the other options) I will be working with radish sprouts and a fitness mix next!
Do I recommend this?

(Disclaimer - although this product was provided to me free of charge all opinions are my own and in no way  solicited from the company itself)

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