Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Martha Stewart - You Saved My Jam Today - I Heart You

True story:
Mr. Betty Martha and I were at Walmart a few days ago perusing through the newest addition to the store - the grocery section!  As we are walking by a bin of pomegranates he says to me "Babe (I know, cheesy but its a true story) I'm getting a pomegranate, I think I might like them." 
Ok?  Strange for him to come out with that but sure, way to go Mr. BM!
So he buys just one, of course in case he doesn't really like them, gets home, cuts it in half and says
"Now what?"
HA - I dunno....I drink the juice I've never bought one.
I tell him to grab a spoon and dig in, which of course lasts only about a second...then he says "Are you supposed to eat the white part?"
HA - I dunno....I drink the juice I've never eaten one.
This charade lasts literally 45 seconds, a few of the seeds are eaten and then quickly he has left the vicinity - I wonder if he liked it??
We aren't allowed to talk about it anymore.
I went and picked up a few more deciding that I would use them to make jam along with its sidekick, the blueberry.  (Funny, how this fruit has been around forever and yet, all of a sudden its making headlines, its fresh, its cool, its healthy and EVERYBODY should be seen eating it!  Next thing you know the jack fruit will be all over the news!)

My MIL to be says "that's going to take a while, why didn't you just buy the pre-seeded bags?"
I then remembered the nonsense with Mr. BM - how AM I going to get the seeds out easily???

Martha, this is where you come in, saving the day...and my jam sanity!

Martha taught me that you simply take the fruit, cut it in half, turn it over a bowl and whack it with the back of a wooden spoon.  The little pods drop right out!!!

What she DIDN'T tell me is that as you do this you should wear protective gear - or avoid light colours.
But I bet she has something on her website on how to get rid of the stains using some unconventional paste of something mixed with something else....the woman is a genius
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