Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Fellow Followers and Blog Creepers

Well, well, well.... I have begun!
On the advice of friends and family I decided to see if I could create, understand, import; umm what is another fancy word for "trying to figure out this cyber world of blogging nonsense"???
because I have been told that my creations are "YUMMY"

I don't claim to be good at the Blog thing, infact, I generally use my computer to check emails, do my monthly banking and of new recipes so dont expect much from me here - you are going to get raw material my friends...god I hope I can figure out how to upload photos!

I wish I took pictures of last nights dinner - you'd love it, maybe I should make it again, although, not for about a month because its pretty high in fat (aren't most fantastic foods?)

I guess I should also let you know that I dont often cook with Beef or Fish. I dont eat anything out of the water, and yes, there is no need to comment, I have heard the fatty acids/omegas, brain food mumbo jumbo (mmmm gumbo sans seafood) for years, you arent the first and wont be the last. As for beef, well, I guess its just because other than a good steak, I can pretty much use chicken or pork to compensate.
OH and because I get yelled at when I eat my beef WELL DONE. I prefer the leakage of fluids to be from marinades not from flesh

So with all of this being said, HI! I always look forward to cooking and baking, but NOW I am going to look foward to seeing if anyone other than my family and my stomach will enjoy the recipes
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