Thursday, September 13, 2012

One More Reason to Love the Farmers Market

Ok, I needed to get that out!
I'm better now.
Ok NOW I'm good.

What's so exciting?
The Farmers Market of course!
Ive mentioned before just how much I love them, I wish we had year round ones in my area because I'd be there weekly come  hell snow or high water.
We still go weekly to pick our "veggie of the week" although now we're nearing a point where we've pretty much tried everything they've got to offer, except kohlrabi....I'm still a little hesitant.

We have a few markets that are in close proximity to my house (3 actually) but the most convenient and bountiful is the Pickering Town Centre Market which runs weekly on Tuesday's, May-October (OMG its almost done, sigh).
I think Tuesday is a perfect day to head to the market, it allows you to have fresh veggies and fruit all work week long!
They are open later for the after workers who want to pop in to perhaps pick up dinner items and the location couldn't be better....its in the MALL parking lot!
Shop for shoes, shop for squash, win win really.

So why else am I so excited?
Because they had a recipe contest, I entered.
I became a finalist, one of 3.
They had a local culinary school take our recipes and create them for judges.

Please note I just came from work, thank goodness they didn't take a full body shot or they
woulda got the flour and buttercream on my pants :)

I mean, I like my food, the boys say they love my food but now 3 professionals confirmed that this dish was truly worthy :)

The recipe entered was a dish I like to prepare in the summer with veggies straight from the market, the balsamic vinegar caramelizes when it bakes down and adding the smooth creamy goat cheese really amps up the flavor profiles!
If you'd like the recipe you can click here

Thanks to the Pickering Farmers Market for hosting such a fun opportunity!

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  1. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! Seriously, that is really AWESOME:-) What a beautiful feeling to have culinary professionals notice your delicious dish! It sounds amazing. Congrats sweet friend, sending big hugs, Terra

  2. Did you say goats cheese? That must be luvly then!
    Farmers markets are really great. We have one Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ... hm, I guesss ... all year round.
    Congrats for winning the contest!!!

  3. Saaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhweeet!! Winning contests is sooooooooooooo cool, and winning by having a professional chef involved is the ultimate in validation! You're rockin' girl! Congrats!! xo Ally