Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The No Food Post

Wow, it feels like forever since I have been on here writing about food, I'm sorry!
This doesn't mean that my family has starved though, they would never let me get away with not cooking for more than a night.  I suppose the foods that have been made in the past little while I assumed people already make - maybe not?

In the wake of the new school year its been a mad house coming up with lunch ideas that don't take forever to make as well as being palatable for a 12 year old who really would prefer to eat pb&j sandwiches or the infamous grilled cheese day in and day out.  I think that makes me the "mean mom" that wont let their kid eat processed-packaged-heat in the microwave for 3-5 minutes crap - AHHHHH!!!! 
Don't fret, "little Ugh" actually likes my cooking, he likes coming home for lunches because he knows there is always something good to eat.

I admit, I will give in to temptation of a good grilled cheese every now and then but only if there is great bread and cheese in the house and of course some pork fat grilled inside - yes folks, bacon!  Bacon is SOOOO good in things, around things, on things, HECK its just good on its own!!  My mouth just watered.....I think I might just have to have an "ode to bacon" blog in the near future.  WOW that was a detour of course if I ever saw one!

Ok, Ok, so by now you've realized that this post is all talk, no pictures, however while I have been a little relaxed on the writing aspect I haven't been lazy!  I promise to add the recipes I liked the most and also to dig up some good ole bacon recipes to curb my now yearning taste buds!!

If you have any bacon suggestions that you want to see lemme know!!
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