Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poaching - The Kind You're Allowed to Do

A lost method of cooking in our house.
I personally don't like runny eggs, the Mr. BM doesn't like chicken without skin and crunchy bits on his meat and Little Ugh, well he thinks its "weird mom".
Lunar eclipses might happen more often than poaching in my house.

So what is it that I am talking about?
I can tell you that I am not referring to garbing up in camo fatigues, sitting in a tree in the off season to catch animals that are illegal.
Although this would be an awesome party chair wouldn't it??

Basically, poaching is a method by which you are cooking something in a simmering liquid.  Generally fish, fruit and chicken because they can be delicate or dry out and this process is gentle and preserves flavors well.

It is also a healthy way to prepare certain foods.
Except in this post.

I poached pears.  In sugar water.  Not "quite" healthy.

3 ingredients
vanilla bean

Peel and core the pear - keeping the stem on

Add 3 cups of water along with about 3/4c - 1 c. sugar into a small saucepan on low/med heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar.
Once the sugar has dissolved, add 1 vanilla bean, cut in half and split to expose the seeds along with the pear
Ideally I have read you should really have the pears completely submerged but as long as you are rotating while you poach they will not turn colour.
The whole process should take about 10 minutes once you drop the pears in.

I like to eat mine cold, so I like to gently place them in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and toss in the fridge for at least an hour.
Your choice

I'm Listening To:  Lemon Tree - Peter, Paul and Mary (I'm being nostalgic)
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  1. MM! I love pears! This looks great! :)

  2. These sound yummy. I just poached pears in tequila this weekend, but I didn't think to add sugar. I'll have to do that next time.