Friday, January 21, 2011

Top 5 "Fast Food" Friday Meals

So what happens when Friday comes in your house and you've been cooking and cleaning and working and shopping and taking the kids to sports practices, music lessons, friends houses all week and then 5pm hits and you realize you didn't take anything out of the freezer the night before?
Yes, that happens in our household on occasion, I confess.

There HAVE to be days that you just need a break from life, from worrying about all of that stuff AND being healthy.  Enter "Top 5 Fast Food Friday Meals"
Here's my list of some of our favorite things to eat when I don't want to cook creatively and no one knows what to do - some of them might surprise you:

Sandwich n Salad Night
Grilled cheese n bacon sammies with maybe a side salad to compensate for the bacony buttery goodness.
I could also go for an English muffin slathered in my homemade blueberry pomegranate jam too...Can I put that into #4 as well?

Hot Dogs - "Street Meat" Style
For those who don't know, we mean stopping at a local food truck, grabbing a steamed then bbq'd dog, topping it with onions, bacon bits, cheese, ketchup & mustard and shoving it down in minutes

#3 - My pick (because I don't have to cook, clean or pay teehee)
Wendy's Chicken Fingers
Do you have Wendy's in your country?  Their chicken fingers are YUM!  But I've had a good finger at Chick Fil A too *sigh we don't have those here*

South St. Burger - with goat cheese HECK YA!
A little joint with big taste and myriads of topping choices which makes it one of the better "chain" burger places in our neck of the woods.  We have yet to find a mom n pop dive with the burger of all burgers that are handmade, grilled to will happen, one day!

AND at the top of our list (which could be longer if I really thought about it long and hard)
This award goes to 2 crazy little places because they both have our favorite dish - the General Tso Chicken!
1 A - Golden Lake Take Out is about an hour and a bit away from our house but I will travel all the way there and ALL the way home just to have their rendition - its THAT good and no other restaurant in our area makes it the way we like it.
1 B - Mr. BM has found another little Chinese take out place in Brantford, Ontario (a little town in Westernish Ontario) that also makes it the "right" way.  I have no idea what the name of it is and I don't think he knows either!
He happens to be there a lot for work and on Fridays I can ask him to bring some home if the mood strikes. 
It strikes all the time but its maybe a once in a month thing.  I think it would be hard to maintain my pre-wedding dress figure if we had it more - although I think I could eat it every day.

So, there you go.  No pizza on this list, surprised? 

What's your fav thing to eat?

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