Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to All!
May this year bring you a future of health, wealth,  fun, and full bellies!

Was your new year rung in in style?  How about with some of your closest friends and family?  Maybe you were like us old fogies and hung out, popcorn in bowls, watching movies until 11:58pm barely keeping your eyes open, wishing the next 2 minutes would go by so quickly so you could lay your head down for the rest of the night?!  BORING!  Even our 12 year old was with his friends partying it up!  Shoot, wanna be friends?
Actually, we enjoyed it.  Honestly we did!  Whichever way you celebrated we hope you did it safely and had a great time :)

This year I have a resolution (I usually do not make them because we all know no one sticks to them) This year I am resolving to not gain any weight, make some amazing foods for my family and friends and try to take this love of baking/cooking to a new level.  I am not sure what that entails but I WILL cook more, eat more and post more.

On that note, this week I made 2 great meals (well, most of my meals are great *cough cough*) - both of them involved superb sauces which made me want to have a week long love affair with foods that need sauce or taste so much better with it!
Tomorrow will be day 1 of Sauce Week
Hope you enjoy :)
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