Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake

Hey guess what?!
I made a cake and actually got paid for it!!!
That usually doesn't happen, no congrats needed.
If anything I simply request the cost of extra special ingredients that I may otherwise not have on hand.

I'm not going to take email requests so don't bother.
I suck really, there are WAY better cakesters out there and I just like to make them for myself,  family and the occasional friend (and only special ones at that, like Fred, who turned 65.  He's the father of  one of my peeps!). 

Pretty sure I have a case of the OCD's when it comes to caking decorating.  I get really frustrated when my piped stars are different sizes, when fondant cracks or when my cake breaks a little.  I could NEVER decorate cakes for a living, either that or there would be a lot of waste in my belly!
I give decorators mad props for their creativity and understand why they are so expensive.

So when I tell you this took a mere 4 hours it should amaze you!  Actually, it only takes that long because you need to cool your cake and chill your mousse completely and then assemble.  Stages people, stages.
3 layers of cake, 2 layers of hazelnut mousse topped with a ganache then surrounded by chocolate and hazelnut rolled wafers!  (thanks Jo for the inspiration)

I wish I could tell you how wonderful it was, I didn't eat it (although I tasted the mousse and the cake and the ganache separately and they were all wonderful!) but I did hear that there was NOTHING left over, not even crumbs - that's gotta tell ya something.
And if that doesn't maybe this will

How bout this one?

De Licious!

I'm Listening to: Paper Planes - M.I.A

Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake

3 layers of your favorite chocolate cake (10" rounds)
1 recipe chocolate hazelnut mousse
1/4 c. chopped roasted hazelnuts plus more for garnish
1 recipe chocolate ganache
about 60-70 rolled wafer cookies

Bake your favorite cake or use a mix if you wish - you'll want 3 x 9 or 10 inch layers.

You must let them cool completely on a rack!
Toast your whole hazelnuts in the oven if you cannot find already chopped skinned ones. (275F for 20 minutes - then cool slightly and roll around in a clean dish towel to remove skins)

Prepare your chocolate mousse:
3/4 c. nutella (or any hazelnut spread)
1 tbsp. unsalted butter
2 c. whipping cream
In a double boiler melt the nutella in a bowl until smooth.  Add the butter, remove from heat and let cool a few minutes (like 3 or 4)
Meanwhile whip the cream until stiff.  Take 1/3 of the whipped cream and fold into the nutella mixture.  Then add the rest, folding.  Place plastic wrap over top and let chill for about 3 hours.

Once everything is pretty much ready to be assembled make the ganache,

Start assembly by placing 1 cake layer down (probably best to do this on a wire rack to catch drips then move to a cake stand)  add 1/3 - 1/2 of the mousse down, layer with 1/2 chopped nuts.
Repeat and end with a plain cake layer.

Pour the ganache over the top and spread around the sides - you want this as glue for the wafers!
Place your wafers all around the cake
Ribbon makes it look pretty but if you don't have one, don't worry about it!
Garnish with leftover chopped hazelnuts (we added the F for Fred!)

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  1. Wow, that looks so delicious and bet it tasted great, congrats still on a great first attempt.

  2. wow!! looks so delicious!! And thanks for the idea..

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  4. Very cool cake!! I've seen them wrapped in KitKat bars, but I love the look of your wafers! I"m sure Fred was thrilled!

  5. This looks mouth-watering. I too have made many desserts and not ended up eating fun!

  6. Not only does this sound RIDICULOUSLY delicious, but it looks so beautiful! I love chocolate & hazelnut (nutella = <3), so this sounds like a winner for sure!

  7. Ok, that's just gorgeous. Gotta make that's Thursday!

  8. This is so good I am so tempted to stick my finger right into the middle of it,

  9. You did a great job. As a cake decorator I can appreciate all the work that went into this.

  10. I was drawn to this post because I love those piroulline cookies, so yum! They make a great way to ice a cake!

  11. Mhhh, this cake really looks scrumptious and I LOVE how you decorated it!
    And congratulations on getting paid for your cake making. ;)


  12. Thanks everyone, next time I'll be sure NOT to pimp it out and try it for myself :)

  13. Beautiful! It's too bad you didn't get to taste all the components together. Chocolate and hazelnut especially are so good together.

  14. Oh my does that look and sound incrediable!!!