Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pesto Chicken Pizza, Because SOMEONE Gave Up Pork

Mr. BM has given up pork.

Who in their right mind wants to give up pulled pork, pork chops, country ham, BACON??!!  BACON of all things?!
He told me he watched something on tv that made him think he should give it up.
Now, I'm all for personal choice, as long as it doesnt interfer with my meal plans.  Nobody likes a quitter.

We already don't eat a lot of red meat so now taking out the "other white meat" perplexes me slightly.
When its pizza night we have pepperoni, bacon, sometimes ham, what the heck?!  I can't use any of those anymore.
Mr. BM, I love you, really I do, but your whimsical ideas of just "stopping pork" really bugs me!  Just sayin.

Last night was pizza night.  My usual ingredients cast aside like an old toy a child no longer cares about.  I have to come up with a new toy.
Enter chicken.
Now I like chicken on my pizza but the boys usually turn their noses up at it because theirs has BACON on it and mine has spinach.  Not this time, or any other time from now on, you'll have no more pork.
Thank your father kid.
I didnt miss it, I love chicken.  And what I love more than that is pesto and chicken.
Its going on the pizza, yes indeed it is.
So goodbye porkalicious pies, the other white mean now invades your territory, drops its flag and owns it.

PETA better not infect his head or else we are all in trouble!


I'm Listening to: Fix You - Coldplay

Pesto Chicken Pizza
pizza dough (homemade or store bought)
8-9 chicken fillets, cubed
1 1/2 tsp. granulated garlic
1/4 Spanish (red) onion, thinly sliced
mozzerella cheese
fresh basil leaves

Cut up your chicken into pieces (cubes or strips) and toss with the granulated garlic.
In a pan with a touch of oil (I used bacon fat - he didnt say I couldnt use that part of the pig!) cook the chicken until the pink is gone. Set aside while you stretch out your dough (roll it) to fit your pan. 
We don;t have a pizza stone so I use the back of a cookie sheet with a little cornmeal.
Spread on your pesto, add onions, chicken, mozzerella and torn basil leaves.

Toss in a preheated 425 F oven for about 20-25 minutes or until the crust is to your liking.
We are a thin crispy crust fam
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  1. This sounds so yummy! I just recently tried adding pesto to a pizza...delicious! Only this morning I was craving I think your recipe is in our future!

  2. Thin and crispy, check. Pasta and chicken, check. What a great recipe! I could give up pork for this, too... :)

  3. Lol, PASTA and chicken pizza?! Ya never know... but your PESTO and chicken pizza sounds better!

  4. Oh yummy! I usually eat tomato sauce for most of pizza but pesto sauce can be a nice change. Looks so delicious and can't wait to try. ;-)

  5. I don't eat pork either! I love chicken on pizza with roasted red peppers, black olives and feta:)Your pizza looks amazing:)

  6. I couldn't go the no pork route... But if I were to, this would ease the pain LOL. Delicious I am sure

  7. Oh yum, I love non-traditional pizzas! This looks delicious!

  8. Pesto pizza is my favorite and this looks so easy! You've inspired me... :D

  9. You poor thing! That might be grounds for divorce in my house! Just saying...

  10. I love pesto especially as a base for pizza. I wouldn't know what to do without pork :( Your pizza looks super tasty though and if I wasn't eating pork I think this chicken pizza would be a nice replacement.

  11. I NEED to make this. I just need to get the crust and mozerella ... ahh I want to make this NOW :) Looks amazing!!

  12. This looks so GOOD! MM, I'm craving this so bad right now!! Pesto is so good on pizza, especially with chicken! :) Great recipe, I love it!