Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Blog Name Which Needs to Live Up to It's Name!

Let me first off say that from this post on I am going to be posting the musical inspirations behind a dish or what I am listening to when my food thoughts arrive.  I have just adapted my tag line to reflect why I started this blog, to eat good food and to enjoy good music.

It has always been in my heart and life since a very young age. 
For as long as I can remember my dad was in a band (in his younger days - now he rocks out in the basement, poor mom).  I used to love going to see his band practices.
I can remember sitting in one of his friends' guitar cases at the foot of the bass drum watching, listening and dreaming.
I have learned over the years to play guitar and I LOVE to sing (in the car, in the proverbial shower and even in public - after a few beverages of course)
Recently my parents purchased and ran a music store in a small town in Ontario, Canada.  I have to say it saddened me a little the day they decided to sell.

My blog title comes from a song title, if you didn't know - a great hard metal band from the 80's, Van Halen.

They were big in the 80's, which is an era that I honestly can say I am not a huge fan of, but they have done well over the decades and I do enjoy their tunes.

I usually am listening to some melodies during the day and I thought I should really start throwing that in to my posts since the title of my blog is based on music as well as food, my two loves (other than my son and fiance).

So, from now on, my posts will either show what I am listening to or what inspired my dishes. 
If you have your own band or have friends that have a band and want me to give em a looksee send it over!  I love indy music and I am all about passing along great things!!  Alternately if you have a favorite tune send that to me too, by comment or by email, I'll give it a listen :)
Back to groovin and bakin....

I'm Listening to: Running With the Devil, Van Halen, 1978 (the year I was born, and fitting for this post!)
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  1. Yeah, I'm not the hugest Van Halen fan either. They are a little too cliche of 80s pop rock. I do have a place in my heart for Jump though, it takes me back to 10 years old every time I hear it. And I always enjoy it when Ice Cream Man comes on the radio.

  2. Adam, Great tunes! I went to Youtube to hear them all over again :) Love the guitar riffs in ICM.
    Thanks for reminding me of some other great tunes by VH