Friday, March 11, 2011

Who's the Cutest Nephew Ever?

I haven't been cooking or baking or blogging or sleeping for that matter this past week but for good reason!!

We have a new nephew WOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!
He is adorable, he is teeny, he is quiet and peaceful and he is just the cutest thing EVER and it has been a painstaking 8 1/2 months for my SIL!!

She deserves SO much credit and mad props for dealing with bed rest from very early on, uncomfortableness, morning sickness all throughout (that wasn't just in the mornings), weekly trips to the hospital for check ups and a few pre labour stays too.
Her little one came into this world with a bang, or a splash so I am told :) after only 26 hours of labour.  (see, this is why I am not so sure doing it again is something I really wanna do)

We received such emotional news when we got to hold him and one reason why I had to share.....we get to be his godparents!!! EEEP
I balled my face off - I was so happy to have that honor and for them to think of us!  All I could do was cry and then make them pass him over :)

I have already been shopping, bought him a new bedtime story - Goodnight Moon (my son's favorite book growing up and one that I don't even think I need the book to tell, all by heart folks) some new outfits (which I am holding on as hostage demands....give me the baby and I will dress him up for you when you get him back!)
I can't wait to see him again soon - but for now, we need to let the new parents rest and get used to having him home (sigh).

So this post is for my Sister and Brother In Law, and to their first born son and our god son!
We love you and are so proud of you!

ps I made carrot cake cupcakes and brought them to the hospital so you cant say this post is not food related :) AND I will be likely making some things this weekend and dropping them off so they don't have to worry about cooking for themselves.

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