Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Son, the Teenager!

OK, officially he will be 13 on Tuesday but who's counting when you're this close right?

HOLY CRAPADOODLE I have a teenager (insert crazed, scared of what's to come face here).  I'm too young to have a teenager, or at least I keep telling myself that.

So many things have happened in his young little life from sorrow and pain to wonderful and unimaginable.  From vacationing at the family cottage to vacationing on white sandy beaches.  I think he's had a great start and its only about to get better! 

I wish so many good things for him (like only a parent could). 
One thing that I wish for me is for him to stay a kind natured, sweet and sensitive boy who won't talk back, try to sneak out of the house at midnight or worse!  I hope I haven't sealed our fates by even mentioning that.

Each year we have a small group of friends and family celebrate his life but in the wake of teenagerism (look ma I invented a word!) my in laws family have other ideas on how the coming of age should be celebrated.
We gathered, all 40 of us, friends and loved ones to have a rockin good time.  We ate, we played games, we played pool, I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.  But the end result was a happy bunch!

13 in our family comes a tradition of 13 embarrassing small gifts with one really good one at the end.  The gifts can range from tighty whiteys and razors to Tylenol (to take away pain of the teenage girlfriend) and pimple cream.  The most treasured gift for the boys in our family is the traditional "girlie" magazine - Little Ughs - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (heaven to a 13 year old) - it was enjoyed by many a man that day.

I have to say this was also a very tiring couple of days with the planning and cake making (did you think I was going to buy one).  He originally wanted a cake from the Ace of Cake`s Bakery in Baltimore - um, I realize you aren't great in geography yet but I don't think they deliver to Toronto - just sayin.
I knew I had to step it up. 
What does he love more than his games!!  And so the birth of a red velvet xbox cake was born.

I have never worked with fondant before - I can pipe like a super star though. 
Corners were not my friend, however by the graces of god the sides needed to be grey....I iced those :)

The controller was made from rice krispie treats and it worked out quite well!  The real thing is below and I think it turned out looking pretty similar.

He received many compliments as did I and although the migraine nearly put a kibosh on it I muddled through!  He said that it wasn't as good as an Ace of Cakes cake would have been because they would have had it light up but was pretty darn close and wished that his rice krispie controller would actually work because it looked so real.
So glad he liked it, so glad it tasted good, soooo glad its over!
I love you my son!
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