Friday, May 13, 2011

Bake Sale Day!!!

WHAT a wonderful morning, in every way.
It was destined to rain, it didn't, nope - sunny and warm.  We were up early packing, preparing and selling and it couldn't have gone better! 
If you haven't read my post about the Relay for Life from a few days ago, that's ok but this might not mean as much to you if you haven't.

The teachers came through with a myriad of items for us to sell (god sent really), the principal was so accommodating and the students who came to purchase goods were ready for a sugar rush.
Boy did they score.
Cupcakes, cookies, macaroons, rice krispie squares, chocolate brownies, smore brownies, pretzel bars, ring pops, candy, marshmallow pops, cake pops...sugar mountain!
Poor, poor teachers - I really didn't envy being in their shoes come 10am.  I found it quite amusing that they extended recess and even had "outdoor activities" later in the afternoon.  If it was me, I think I would have gone insane.

Brennan and I had such a great time creating the signs, baking up a storm, and selling to his peers.
I took a few pictures throughout the course of the day and my favorite had to be the kindergartens.
They were just in awe of all of the items to choose from and I think they were the biggest spenders too, bless their hearts.

We even had a few students check things out, realize they didn't really want anything and hand over a pocketful of change to support cancer research anyway.  I was so touched.

Brennan selected 2 helpers, one I am pretty sure he has the BIGGEST crush on (don't tell him I said that) and another really good friend of his.  He made sure to select kids who didn't just want to be "out of class for the day" (which I didn't even need to instill) and who really believed in what he was doing.

With only 280 students in the school we hoped to raise about $150.00 to go towards his walk.
We surpassed that and raised a whopping $276.55!!!
AND, they want us to come back with the minimal leftovers on Monday to sell the rest (which means I will be baking more this weekend).

Honestly, this was one of the best days of my life.  Just to watch your child do something that he feels so strongly about and not care what others think of him (because of course he was pretty proud of making his own baked goods and wasn't afraid to announce that he bakes) made my heart happy.
I always knew he had a heart of gold, but it was so nice to see him in his element.

On behalf of my little man, thank you to the school, Lincoln Avenue Public School, the most wonderful principal, Ms. Robinson, all of the teachers who brought in things so that we didn't have to spend countless more hours in the kitchen and gaining 20 lbs just by eating cookie dough and of course to the students who helped support this great cause!!

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  1. Love you both for doing such an amazing job supporting this great cause and EXTREMELY PROUD of my nephew for being such a role model for kids of all ages. You rock Brennan, Lots of Love, A.C. & U.T. xoxo

  2. AWESOME! What a Great school, and kid who want to "pay it forward". Tears are flowing down my checks. Thank you for sharing this with us all.
    good Luck at the Relay for Life. I just did RfL last month here in Las Vegas were our Relay raised over 500 thousand for the Cause. Little amount add up to BIG differences!

  3. you have a super dooper awesome kid!!! You and Chris are such amazing parents to have raised such a wonderful soul xo !!!