Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gievaway Winner Announced!


Now, I don't have one of those fancy dancy automated winner picker thingy mabobs so I did the next best thing....

I had Little Ugh go through the posts, check every blog site and pick his favorite.
And the winner is.....

Carina over at

Her site is so cute, a home cook with 3 kids, great tastes and super recipes!

We like how she incorporates her kids in the kitchen and this is one of the reasons she was chosen, Little Ugh wants to see some of the recipes from the book created by the kiddos so Carina, he is challenging you :)

We look forward to seeing some cupcake posts soon!

*Carina has been contacted through twitter and thru FB and has been alloted 5 days to respond.  We hate to waste a good giveaway so here's hoping we hear back soon!*
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  1. Woot woot!! I cannot wait to receive this - I've never won anything before!! I can't wait for Miss Sunshine and I to start baking!!