Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Relay for Life and a Heavy Heart

I apologize now for the heart strings that might be pulled when you read this, I had to get it out and this was the best place for me to do it because there is someone who needs your support!

When I started writing this post I wanted to tell you all how thrilled that my 13 year old has registered himself to participate in the Relay for Life, a 12 hour walk for Cancer.
He joined me last year in the walk and when the "team" began talks of this years event he was eager to participate again this go around.  There is a difference this time, he will be walking without me and we have a few people in our hearts to walk for.

I have written and re-written sentences countless times over the past few days trying to compile my thoughts about the Relay and cancer and what it means to me and each time I erase them and begin again with tears in my eyes.

Last week we received some terrible news from a good friend of ours.
Her son, Liam, has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Of ALL of the people in our lives that have been diagnosed, suffered and passed on, or have been brave, fought and won, we have never had a child so close to home have to deal with this.

For some reason this diagnosis and news is killing me inside, even more so then when my Nanny was sick.
It makes me sick to think about how hard of a struggle this is going to be for Liam, and for his family.
He is a fighter though and the survival rates are quite high - 80-85% which is such great news.
His family is close and he has the support of so many others who know him and love him!  I just wish they didn't have to go through this, but at least they are not alone.

It still doesn't erase the hurt I have in my stomach each time I receive emails with his journal posts which is such a great way to keep track of how he is doing. 
The Hospital for Sick Kids here in Toronto has set him up with his own website where he can post journal updates, notes, photos etc. about his journey which I think is phenomenal for his self esteem, getting his thoughts out there and for people who love and care about him can have updates without making his parents go through the same questions over and over and over.

Brennan has decided to dedicate this year's walk to our Opa and to Liam!
I should also mention that along with running around getting pledges, he has asked his principal if he can host a bake sale to raise money for the walk and they have graciously allowed him to do so and its THIS FRIDAY!!  Guess that means a lot of baking posts in the near future!
The teachers in the school have banded together and put a sign up sheet to donate baked goods to sell as well, thank goodness because I was afraid of having carpal tunnel from piping 400 cupcakes and gaining an additional 20 lbs just from eating cookie batter ;)

The past few days we have been scouring the internet for some unique recipes for the sale and we think we've found a winner - check out my post on Friday for the details :)

Today he made his signs. 
A list of all of the ribbons associated with the different forms of cancers!
He did a great job researching.
Wish I could get him to do all his homework with such passion.

We are SO looking forward to Friday and hoping the kids enjoy all of the treats.

To all of you who have had to deal with this horrendous disease, we feel your pain, we do this walk because of you, because even the smallest amount helps to fund initiatives and research and also medical equipment , drugs and support services among other things.

I'm so proud of my son for wanting to do this for Liam, for our Opa and for others in this world.
Stay strong!
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  1. What a tear jerker! However I am so happy he has YOU and YOUR family to fight along with him!

    I will add him in my prayers.

  2. Thank you so much Lark, so nice to know there are other prayers out there! And nice to know you too did the walk :)
    PS My dashboard has been wonky and I have missed many of your posts so I am have some catch up to do!