Friday, May 13, 2011

A Gourmet Dinner Party for 4

Ever heard of it?
I hadn't either until this one fine day about a year ago when I was invited to a good friends for a dinner and card night.
Now I don't want to say she cant cook because I am sure she can, its more like she doesn't cook, so when the invitation came out I already had a back up Big Mac on my mind.
All of the guests were told "don't worry, if you don't like it or you get sick you only have yourself to blame".
Now I'm confused and slightly concerned until....I arrived and feasted my eyes on this humongous spread on the table.

You cook your own food, in little frying pans, over a burner much like the fondue ones.  Its so interactive, so unique and so much fun! WHEEEEEEEE!

Now don't confuse this with a raclette set, its different.  See....different.  Gourmet = better.

raclette  (source -

I went home and started googling.  Nadda.
Finally found something in the States (dam you US companies for not shipping to Canada!) and of course I found others in Holland (which is where her family purchased theirs from - its big there)
My hopes of hosting my own Gourmet dinner were on the back burner (how witty am I?) until my dear friend purchased me a set of my own, an early wedding present.
I heart you Melissa *aka Muffy*!

YAY, I now have my very own and last night was the first night I cracked it from the box.
Here is the list of our spread:

diced chicken breast
meatballs (wrapped in bacon)
bean sprouts
basmati rice (pre cooked and cooled)
diced parboiled potatoes
Little Ugh and Amanda made mini grilled cheeses and smashed meatball hamburgers.

You also will want some form of grease for the pans: chop up bacon strips or place out some garlic butter and olive oil.
Then come the sauces.  Soy, sirachi, general tso, honey garlic, bbq the possibilities are endless!!

Such a fun night, such a fantastic idea, one of my favorite gifts of all time!

The start of adding items to the table

Amanda's creation with cheese slices
Just so you know, no one got sick, everyone had fun and Little Ugh said it was the best dinner EVER!

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