Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bread Fried in Butta, or Commonly Known as the Crouton

So you have day old French//Italian/foccacia or bagette?
(HA, unlikely in our house - carb fanatic that I am)
What do you do with it?

When I DO have leftovers I make one of two things:
1.  Breadcrumbs (rosemary foccacia is GREAT for that)
2.  Croutons!!!!

Why spend the extra money when you have the necessary ingredients at your disposal?
I know, who thinks of that?

I don't know what it is but freshly made croutons make any salad delightful.  They are moist yet crispy, a teensy bit hard with a buttery tone.  I suppose I am a fan because it encompasses two of my favorite things.
Honestly, when I make them I am forever popping a few in my mouth as they are toasting.
What?  You have to taste test folks.

Here's how you do it (not rocket science)
  1. Cut up your leftover bread into chunks (1x1in or slighly bigger)
  2. In a frying pan (I like my cast iron for this) add a few tbsp. of salted butter and melt - on med/high heat
  3. Throw in the cubes
  4. Toss to coat with the butter
  5. Keep an eye out so they dont burn but toss every once in a while
  6. Done!  Oh, make sure to taste them as you go because how else are you to know when they are crispy enough?

What do you do with your leftover bread?
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