Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Get your attention?
Sure got mine tonight when I had a mini heart attack after my store bought lasagna burst into flames in the oven!!  I am not over reacting nor am I exaggerating.  Literally flames shooting out everywhere!

Deciding to be frugal today and purchase an "on sale" pre made lasagna was a decision that will haunt me forever. 
I'm so ashamed. 

I can honestly say that in the last 10 years I have maybe purchased 2 frozen lasagnas.
I always, always make them from scratch.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Wait, yes I do.  Time constraints and pocket books.

Here's how it went down:

Get to the grocery store, walk around aimlessly trying to decide what to make (I haven't seen my sister in law and nephew since the previous weekend and I haven't cooked my MIL a home cooked meal in 2 weeks - long story, so I offered to make dinner for them this evening).
Little Ugh wants lasagna.
Um, its 4 o'clock, mine usually take about an hour to make sauce and prepare, let alone bake....oh wait, this one is on sale for $4.99, SOLD.
Get home, take it out of the box. Proceed to curse because I got a paper cut (should have known this dinner was doomed right then and there)
Read the instructions, because remember, I have only done this twice before.
Set the oven temp to 375F.
Double check box that likes to maim, it tells me to lift each corner of the plastic coating and place on a baking sheet.
I even put tin foil underneath.
Throw it into the oven, shut the door and start making my croutons.

A few minutes later start smelling a distinct fiery smell.  Shaking my head in confusion I go back to crouton toasting.
Double check again as the smell is stronger - notice that I can virtually see bright light in the oven and think to myself...I didn't turn on the interior light.
HOLY S(*&*&%^T

Now my mind is racing like a greyhound after a rabbit.
Water, too far away as the flames are literally billowing off the thing.

Picture, patting, blowing, reaching for anything to get this to stop.
It felt like it was never going to end and my MIL's house was going to burn down.
I finally get the flames to where its manageable with oven mitt and tea towels and bring the tray to the sink - damp cloths, water....

only in the oven maybe 5 minutes before the flames began!
look at all the soot :(

For pete's sake...what the heck are we going to have for dinner NOW?!

maybe I should start product reviews?  Sobey's "Compliment" brand meat lasagna = fire starter
I'm Listening to: Firestarter, Prodigy
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  1. I will post pictures and I have contacted the company and am waiting for a response

  2. Firstly - Ha ha ha ha!!!
    Secondly - What on EARTH?!

    To make a positive spin, you're a hero for saving your MIL's house ;)

  3. She said she wanted a new paint job anyway....

  4. Thanks Emme! Scared me quite a bit actually.