Monday, June 6, 2011

Mashless Monday - Rhubarb Murderer


There isn't a mashup meal tonight, not even a hint of one.
It's 11:02pm and I did not succeed in creating a recipe worthy of posting.

Its been a disturbing couple of days.
I haven't spent much time in the kitchen.
I even let my fresh farmers market purchase, rhubarb, go to waste!!  Do you know how sad I am about that?!

I bought it with so many intentions. 
Fool that I am, I left it out, then thought maybe I should put it in the fridge (not even in the crisper!).  It's limp, lifeless.
Folks, I'm a rhubarb murderer!!!
But I have so many remorseful thoughts - that has to count for something right?

I am rhubarb ignorant, I admit it.  I should have done some research on how to store it before I bought it. 

Man, it wasn't even one of those impulse buys. 
You know, like when you are standing in the checkout at Walmart waiting for the person in front of you with 30 items, finds 2 items that scan the wrong price and of course NEED to have it rectified immediately, then when they finally come up with the right price and get their total they realize that they only budgeted for 22 items and then had to take a few non essentials off their bill only to have their card decline anyway so you patiently pick up a magazine to start leafing threw it before you want to explode only to find a great article that you just have to finish reading, but its now your turn and there are people behind you so you buy it sort of impulse buy?
Does that ever happen to you?
Maybe that's just me....

I should have just used it when I had the chance.  Shame on me!
Just call me IM - Ignorant murderer
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  1. Hi! Just hopping in from basilmomma's blog hop -- your sense of humor is a blast. :) Very fun reading (even if you did murder the rhubarb...) Let me know if you ever find THE one, THE only, the RED General Tso's sauce recipe!
    ~ Kimby (aka okielicious)

  2. Hi Kimby! Thanks for stopping by!
    I revived it - rhubarb cpr post will be coming shortly ;)

  3. I keep reading your yummy posts, but all my brain can hear is: Deviled Eggs.

    ...going to boil now... gotta hop.

    Boomer Sooner.

  4. Hello! I found you through Basilmomma's Blog Hop. Don't feel bad...I've "murdered" lots of produce over the years...turnips,'s amazing I haven't "done time." LOL!
    Have a great day! Sherri

  5. Sidney, hope you made some! I think I could eat a tray of deviled eggs to myself ;)

    Hi Sherri! Thanks for poppin in, hope you'll come back often (I just posted my resurrection story...I cured the rhubarb!!