Friday, July 29, 2011

Outta Commission for a Few Days

or should I say LATER!

We are off this weekend to the cottage.
I am not sure our plans of returning home yet but there's no internet access so I won't be around to see all your comments on how much you miss me and the tunes I share.  I just know there will be many upon my return ;)

This weekend happens to be a long weekend for us Ontarians, one my extended family embraces to the fullest.

For the last 8 years (could be more) we've engaged in a big ole party by the lake.
It started off small, just close friends and some family.

It grew, quickly. 
People around the area started hearing about it (and the free food) and started flocking like seagulls.
It has been known as "The Jimmy Buffet Party".
Of course we serve "cheeseburgers in paradise", margaritas galore and everyone must wear Hawaiian shirts!!
We've had a live band play a few years as well - and when on break the Buffet is blasting on the ipods.

Then we moved.
The cottages that were rented for seasons past were a thing of just that - the past.
A few couples bought near the area and so the party moved.
It also changed slightly.

We still have burgers, we still have a bunch of people (back to friends and friends of friends and of course family), we still call it Buffet weekend but the newest tradition is the rib cookoff!

Each year it grows too.  Some years we have only had a few entries, this year we are hoping for at least 10!
Some are low and slow, some are baked, some are pork and some are beef.  But everyone who wants to sample gets some.

Of course Mr. BM is entering (I don't cook ribs - unless its crock pot because he's the master).
He doesn't disclose the ingredients either - ever.
But we won the last year entered!
I say we because I bought the ribs ;)

So, my next post after the weekend will be all things Jimmy Buffet party.
I'm hoping to get a few recipes to take home, some great pictures and to share our family tradition with you.

Whatever you do this weekend, be safe and have fun!
Peas Out

I'm Listening to: Cheeseburger in Paradise - Jimmy Buffet
Heaven on earth with an onion slice!
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