Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rib Cook Off

Great weekend!
If you read my previous post you know that we were involved in a friendly rib cook off up at a friend's cottage this weekend.  It was hot and sunny and full of wonderful people.

Unofficially, we won from the chatter throughout the night. 
There are no "official" winners, we only go by who gets the most people going back for seconds and thirds.  We go by "everyone is a winner" attitude!!

But boys and their testosterone....
They turn into whiny little boys really.

I heard a few "that's not fairs" and "man, he won last year" and "we really should have ballots and trophys"
But it was all in good fun!

This year we had less people at the party, less people cooking ribs but the deck was still covered with bbqs and lots of full bellies.

To the newbie it is rather a funny site to see.
6 barbecues lining the deck and a few crock pots.  20 men brushing, grilling, shooting the breeze while throwing little jabs in about how their ribs are the best, not to mention the pre sampling.

I went along and snapped photos of each of the contest entries but strangely enough when I asked "so, what is your secret" I received little information.  Tight lipped men!

No one wanted to give up their recipes!?
Maybe because I suggested I was going to blog it - they didn't want someone stealing their ideas for next year.

I am not allowed to post Mr. BM's secret recipe either but I will tell you that he doesn't smoke them, which a few people did do.
I just couldn't tell what type of wood chips used.  They were whisked away quickly as I approached HAHA.

It's ok boys, I don't need your recipes, we have the winning one anyway ;)

Thanks to the host and hostess for opening up their home and property for the great time and amazing food as always.
Thanks to the men and women who partook in preparing wonderful pieces of deliciousness for all of us to try.
Thanks to my running shoes who now need to be laced up to get rid of the weight I just gained because of one night!!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

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  1. What a fun post! And those RIBS... no wonder they're classified as "secret recipes!" But thanks for letting us take a peek at them! :)