Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roasted Herbed Mini Potatoes

Farmers market finds are the best!
How can you go wrong?  Walking around, colours, smells, flowers, friendly people?

Don't you find that the markets have the most courteous people ever! 
I mean people all standing in awkward lines that run horizontal and a few people deep and you always get "oh, sorry, were you here first?" and even if you were you find yourself saying "oh, go ahead" and really meaning it!
I am anxiously awaiting Friday because it starts again and I already have my shopping list started.

One of my favorite things to pick up while I am there are mini potatoes.
I said one but I have so many really....alas, as the lover of all things carbs, potatoes are right up there.

By the way, I have growing some in a pot in the yard this year for the first time - EEEP so excited for them to be ready. 
I wonder if they will yield enough for me for one meal?

Oven roasting or bbq packeting are two ways to create a great roasted potato.
But what really makes them is the seasoning.

I have quite a few pots of various herbs in the garden as well, two of them being parsley and basil.

I like to use fresh herbs when I can and this recipe is no exception.

I'm listening to: Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs  One of my favorite tunes, check it out!

Herbed Roasted Mini Potatoes

20-30 mini potatoes
1 tbsp. or so of olive oil
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 c. chopped fresh parsley
1/4 c. chopped fresh basil
kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste

In a bowl combine all the ingredients and toss to coat.
Place into a cast iron pan on the stove top and brown for about 10 minutes on medium-high heat.
Throw directly into a preheated oven at 350 for an additional 15-20 minutes or until tender.
Top with additional parsley and serve.
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  1. I dont have a framers market close to where I live...dang it! But I do have a garden! And guess what I am growing?...YUP Red Potato's!

  2. Neat thoughts on Farmers Market courtesy -- they truly are great folks. (And this is a GREAT recipe!)