Monday, July 4, 2011

Turkey in the Summer?

I am sure many people do make turkeys for large gatherings, Canada Day or Fourth of July Parties right?
Only I suspect a deep fryer or maybe a BBQ is used when they do it.
Not us.

So why did we cook a 20 pound bird for the three of us you may ask...because our basement fridge which housed this bird for my mother in law conked out.
What else could we do?

Oh, I might also mention that I have never actually cooked a turkey before.  All holiday turkeys are done by my mother in law or other family members.
I am usually in charge of dessert and gravy!
It can't be that difficult can it?
I do own a large roasting pan.
Not sure why, but today I am glad I hoard cooking and baking pans.
See Mr. BM, this is why I buy things when I see them on sale for those "just in case" moments.

Turkey can be bland, it can dry out. 
I wanted to ensure this didn't happen.
There's nothing less appetizing than waiting 4 hours for a turkey that has to be smothered in gravy to make it juicy and tasty and yes, I have forced down birds like that.

My findings after being forced to prepare a 20LB turkey:
1. butter makes the bird juicy and the skin golden with a crispy texture
2. fresh herbs are a must
3. 20lbs is a little much for 3 people
4. 4 hours in a house whose A/C is on the fritz is not a good thing
5. I now have 108L of homemade stock and obviously no freezer room (anyone want any?)
And finally,
6. cooking turkeys are easy peasy and I will do it again!

Minimal steps for cooking the perfect bird:
Remove the neck and gizzards (my least favorite part of this process)
Lift the skin and rub butter underneath as well as on top
Season with salt, cracked pepper and fresh thyme (my herb of choice)
Truss and bake tented in a low oven of about 325F
If you don't have a rack like myself, place onions and carrots at the bottom of the roasting pan - this also helps to season your drippings for gravy!
Internal temperature of 170 is a safe temperature.


I'm Listening To: 4 fans whizzing hot air around.  But on top of that Hot in Herre - Nelly
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